A Weekly Reflection - Why Eduweave?

A Weekly Reflection - Why Eduweave?

There are things that work in the incumbent formal education system, specifically the higher education system but like how we discussed last week, there are a lot of things that don't work as well. There is a ton of information in the world and access to most knowledge is pretty easy, but the trouble is that education now is someone just telling us stuff that we can google, and the social process of learning is eliminated.

The Social Cognitive Theory by Albert Bandura tells us that knowledge acquisition is a result of human interactions and us imitating behaviour by observing and modelling our actions based on an interaction of environmental and cognitive factors, determining our learning.

With the pandemic effectively halting live classes in institutions, we've begun paying the same tuition fees we normally would, to attend classes in person. Instead, now we pay those exorbitant amounts to use our laptops and our internet to attend subpar online lectures and tutorials, whose standards are dropping by the day. Universities are inflexible and have been ineffective at making this work, but we at Eduweave see opportunity.

We are living in an era of revolutionary remote technology, but still, we see people being refused education because they do not meet certain criteria, still explaining the low acceptance rates of "prestigious" universities. We have become apathetic to this, but it is ridiculous. Eduweave eliminates this by optimising everything good about education as is while eliminating all the unnecessary and inefficient aspects that plague universities.

Over a series of Twitter posts over the week, we've explained how Eduweave slots into the world today:

  1. We are using social learning as pedagogical leverage through interconnected approaches, with a heavy focus on 1) Community, 2) Accountability and 3) by being Educator-driven. Educators today bandage together a suite of fragmented tools to build learning communities. These include Zoom/Youtube streams, Calendars, Google forms, Facebook groups, multiple WhatsApp/Telegram groups. We bring together all of these elements (and more) to enable educators to build their learning communities and have direct access to learners under their own brand name.
  2. By leveraging software, highly suited to educators, we provide the fundamentals for educators to build thriving learning communities that have the capability of generating knowledge spillovers. Transformational learning only happens within communities of practice and application. While consumption of knowledge can happen at the learners' own pace, it is the collective progression of the community against challenges where we see true progress being made.
  3. C.R.E.A.M (Community Runs Everything Around Me)
  4. Eduweave is increasing access to quality education by empowering anyone to build a live learning community. But wait, doesn't Coursera already exist? Aren't MOOCs video-based courses? t's true that MOOCs have existed for more than a decade, but they are relics of the past. They only provide recorded content while completely neglecting the rest of the learning experience. At this point in time, MOOCs have diluted down to a form of edutainment. Learning communities built on Eduweave are centred around instructional design. There's a live instructor directly interacting with and keeping students accountable, and a community of learners collaborating and progressing through a learning journey together. n the coming years, Eduweave will enable thousands of experts to build and teach their learning communities. As we achieve this goal we will gain the largest faculty in the world enabling us to build the largest university in the world.

The goal of MOOCs was simple, yet ambitious - to provide learners who otherwise lacked access to quality higher education. But they've made it too easy that most people don't even complete courses and educators are lessened to just content creators.

Eduweave is using social learning as pedagogical leverage to put educators and students at the forefront, to create active learning communities that actualise the Social Cognitive Theory when it comes to knowledge acquisition. For transformational learning to occur, we need communities that interact and generate knowledge spillovers. We need communities of practice and application.

Eduweave works with expert educators in their domains, whether they are industry practitioners, superstar researchers, or seasoned academics. Experts that most learners would never have direct access to learn from. Educators are central - Administrative bloat in universities is rising, Eduweave directly combats that. Unlike traditional courses, educators have complete intellectual freedom. Educators make 90% of the money, they are the ones who drive the social process of learning. Transformational learning only happens within communities of practice. While consumption of knowledge can happen at the learner's own pace, it is the learning we do with our peers that sticks with us. This does not happen in MOOCs where everyone is learning in isolation.

The vision to build the largest university in the world is bold but everyone must start somewhere! We at Eduweave are trying to put this into action. We are not simply trying to digitize learning but rather holding this long term vision and constantly aligning our short term goals to it.

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