Workshops: Strategies for Building Interest in Your Course

Workshops: Strategies for Building Interest in Your Course
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Hosting a free workshop is a great way to build interest in your online cohort-based course.

Workshops act as a lead magnet, allowing you to provide valuable content in exchange for your audience's information. By doing so, you can connect with potential high ticket clients and gain valuable face time with them.

In this article, we'll outline the key components of a successful workshop and how to host one that builds interest in your course.

Pillars of a Successful Workshop -

Choose a Juicy Topic: The topic of your workshop should be relevant and engaging for your target audience. Pick a topic that is your best insight.

  1. The #1 question you receive from potential students
  2. Or, the topic you feel the most confident with.

This will ensure that participants respond positively to your content and are more likely to consider enrolling in your course.

Promote Your Workshop: Promoting your workshop effectively is crucial in ensuring a high turnout.

  1. Email is an excellent way to reach your network, audience, and email list. A convincing email that highlights the topics you will cover and why participants will benefit from attending will help get people excited.
  2. Make sure to include a direct link to the course page and mention when the course will start. The goal is to reengage cold leads, familiarize participants with your course, and nurture them into the marketing funnel.

A possible format could be something like this -

I'm hosting a free workshop next Friday, March 22, 10am — on ( topic) !

I'll cover effective formats, frameworks to use to understand why (participants face the problems that the course will help them solve). I'll even do a couple of walkthroughs of my past work that has helped fortune 500 clients save time and increase conversion when closing deals spanning over 15 years.

If you want feedback on your own work, you can bring it and get live feedback from me ! But no pressure, that’s completely up to you.

Hosting the Workshop:

  1. Schedule your workshop 1-3 weeks before your upcoming course.
  2. Consider hosting the workshop as a guest speaker at professional circles, communities, and conferences. This will not only help you sell your course but also build your brand as an expert.

Workshop Structure: Aim for a 50/50 split between content and interaction.

  1. Start by sharing the main topic, then take participants through a real-life example and case study to bring the framework to life.
  2. Follow this up with 10 minutes of Q&A and guided discussion.
  3. Finish the workshop by plugging your course, highlighting how it will be an in-depth expansion of the content covered during the workshop.
  4. Finally, involve the audience by asking for their main takeaway from the workshop.

Converting Students After the Workshop: Although it is typical for 40% of registered participants to attend a workshop, following up with everyone is key.

  1. Identify the top prospects by re-watching the workshop recording and identifying the participants who were most engaged.
  2. Reach out to them with a personal email, quoting their words and highlighting why the course would be a great fit for them.
  3. If some participants did not attend the workshop, reach out to them too, highlighting what they missed and how the course can benefit them.

In conclusion, hosting a free workshop is an excellent way to build interest in your online cohort-based course. By focusing on choosing a juicy topic, promoting the workshop effectively, hosting it professionally, and following up with participants, you can create a workshop that attracts educators and experts and provides a strong foundation for your course.

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